Experience a revolutionary unique non-invasive lipomethod. We offer customized, effective body treatments to help you get back to the shape you want.


These treatments are strictly area-based. Areas are typically belly, thighs, buttocks or arms

Basics (per single area) 50 min. $200                                                            

A great way to introduce your body to a new level of self care. We will customize a treatment to help contour, slim and reduce cellulite, assist in collagen building and tighten and firm your skin using a combination of cavitation depending on your unique needs. You will enjoy immediate visible results that will keep you coming back for more!

Reclaiming Series (per single area) 6X 50 min. session series $1200                                             

The ultimate in self care, especially helpful for those who struggle with cellulite or want to tighten loose skin or slim extra inches.  This special series package provides exceptional value for results you can feel & see. It has also helped many post-partum mothers reclaim their bodies back and brides fit perfectly in their wedding dresses. Based on cavitation, this treatment is a non invasive, pain free and with no downtime lipposuccion.


Cellulite treatment 6X50 min. session series $1200

Using state of the art technology from Europe, this treatment guaranties a visible reduction of cellulite, smoothing skin and refirm skin tissues.